How to install WordPress using Softaculous

Before you start the WordPress installation please ensure you've applied a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate (or installed your own EV SSL if you have one) - so that your site will be served over HTTPS.

  1. From within your cPanel, scroll down to the SOFTWARE section and click on Softaculous Apps Installer.
  2. Often WordPress is displayed as a Top Scripts - just click on the logo - but if not you can type Wordpress into the search field and then click it in the list on the left.
  3. Click the Install Now button to continue to the data collection screen.
  4. This is quite a long screen, so we will run through it section by section.

    Software Setup

    We always recommend installing the latest version - but if you specifically need a prior version you can select it from the drop-down list.

    Assuming you have an SSL certificate in place - choose the https:// variant - either with, or without www.

    Select the correct domain next. If you specify a Directory your site will be served from there.

    Example One
    your domain is
    you have installed an SSL certificate and you do not want www - so you select https://
    you install in a Directory called blog

    Your site would be served from

    Example Two
    your domain is
    you have installed an SSL certificate and you do want www - so you select https:/www.
    you leave the Directory field blank

    Your site would be served from
  5. Site Settings

    Enter a Site Name and Site Description - these are used throughout your site - they can be altered later within the WordPress dashboard.
  6. Admin Account
    You'll find a pre-entered Admin Username & Password

    We strongly recommend changing the Admin Username from admin - but be sure to only use upper & lowercase letters and numbers (most special characters are not allowed in WordPress usernames).

    Also set a strong Admin Password - you can use the key icon to generate a strong password for you.

    Ensure you note the login details and/or store them in a secure password vault.
  7. Choose Language & Select Plug-ins

    Select your Language from the drop-down.

    You can choose to install either of the additional plug-ins by ticking the boxes if you wish.
  8. Advanced Options & Select Theme

    Unless you know what you're doing and want to either use an existing database or configure Softaculous backups the Advanced Options section can be left as it is.

    Likewise, you can choose to install a theme from the list selected. WordPress comes with a selection of default themes installed.
  9. Install

    Just before you click install - just below you will see a field where you can enter an email address - this is where the installatrion details will be emailed upon completion. This is optional.

    Click the Install button to complete the installation of WordPress.
  10. Congratulations

    Once the installation completes you'll see two web addresses.

    The first is the new site address - click this to view your newly installed site.

    The second is a link to the WordPress admin login. You'll need your Admin Username and Password to login here to access your WordPress dashboard.

Your WordPress install is now complete. We have a separate post-installation guide on Securing and Hardening your new WordPress website.

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