How to configure MX records for Google Mail

There are a number of configuration changes you'll need to make in order to use your domain with Google mail.

  1. Set your Mail Routing to Remote Mail Exchanger
    Click Email Routing in the EMAIL section of cPanel.
    Select the Domain you'd like to use with Google mail/GSuite from the dropdown list.
    Click the Remote Mail Exchanger radio button.
    Click the Change button to finish.
  2. Remove any existing DNS MX records and add the Google MX records.
    You can find Google's MX records here.
    We have a separate article on using the cPanel DNS Zone Editor to make these changes.
  3. Setup SPF, DKIM and DMARC to improve mail deliverability.
    As for MX records, please remove any existing SPF, DKIM or DMARC DNS TXT records before adding the Google entries.
    Google article detailing SPF DNS entry details
    Google article detailing DKIM DNS details
    Google article on setting up DMARC entry

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