How do I transfer a domain away from Krystal

The process for transferring a domain to another registrar is different depending on the domain's extension. Please use the links on the left, or scroll down to view the correct instructions for your domain.

For .uk domains ( etc)

.uk domains are also known as ccTLDs. A ccTLD is a country code Top Level Domain. ccTLDs are managed within each country by a nominated registration body. In the UK, that body is Nominet. You can visit their website at and find out more about their services.

  1. Obtain the IPS tag of the registrar you'd like to move to.
    Every Nominet registrar has what is called an IPS tag (the exact meaning of IPS has been a bit lost to history). Krystal's IPS tag is simply (all uppercase) KRYSTAL.
    Before you can transfer your domain away you must first find out what the new registrar's IPS tag is. If you are not absolutely sure you could either ask them to confirm, or check the list of registrars that Nominet maintain.
  2. Login to your Krystal Client Area and click Domains from the menu
  3. Locate the domain you wish to transfer away and click the domain name itself
  4. On the Domain overview page click Retag in the left hand menu
  5. Enter the new registrars IPS tag in the box
    Read the Important! notice, ensure you understand it and tick the checkbox

    This is not reversible. Once a domain has been released it is beyond our control and can only be returned by the other registrar.

    Click RELEASE DOMAIN to complete the process.

For .com .net .org .biz .info .us and other domains

.com .org .net and other non-country-specific domains are called gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains).

Transferring gTLDs away from Krystal requires that several steps are completed correctly, otherwise the transfer will fail. Please read this guide carefully to avoid problems.

The transfer of your domain may fail if any of the following apply:

- the domain has been registered for less than (or previously transferred within) 60 days
- the domain's registrant contact first name, last name, organisation or email address have been changed within the last 60 days

These are not terms of Krystal, they are defined by ICANN.
  1. Login to your Krystal Client Area and click Domains from the menu
  2. Locate the domain you wish to transfer away and click the domain name itself
  3. Ensure any domain privacy service you may subscribe to is turned off for this domain.
  4. Click Contacts in the left hand menu and ensure the domains contact information is correct, including, and most importantly the Admin contact email address. If it's not and you make any changes, as per the warning above, the domain will be locked for 60 days, preventing any transfer.
  5. Unlock the domain. Click Overview in the left hand menu and then click Disable Registrar Lock.
  6. Obtain your EPP code.
    You will need the EPP code in order to initiate the transfer request from the new registrar (gTLD transfers are essentially a PULL process).
    Click on the EPP/Auth Code tab. The system will immediately send the EPP code to the Admin contact email address for the domain.
If you are sure that you have completed Steps 3 through 6 and you don't receive your EPP code, please check in your spam/junk folders.

If you still cannot find it, then please ensure that messages from are whitelisted within your spam filtering system, and repeat Step 6 again.

If you still don't receive the EPP code please raise a Support Request from within your Krystal Client Area.

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