What happens if I exceed my plans disk space allowance?

This article describes what happens if you exceed your plans disk allowance.

We have a separate article on monitoring and managing your disk usage which has some useful tips on how to check what's using the space in your account.

cPanel space usage exceeded

Everything in your account adds towards your total space usage. This includes your website files, databases and email. As a cPanel account approaches it's full capacity (usually 80%, 90% and 98%), the server will sent automatic warning emails to the contact email address that is configured in the Update Contact Info icon. It is important to make sure this email address is external to Krystal's network (e.g. a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail address), to ensure we can reach you if something goes wrong with your account.

These emails are only sent ONCE each, so it is important you act on them when you receive them.

Once you run out of space, you will not be able to log into your cPanel or webmail accounts. Your website will continue to work normally, provided it does not try to request more space. The only way to unlock your account is to raise a support request so we can add a 50Mb grace allowance. Once this has been done, you should be able to get back in and remove your excess files/mail.

You should notify us once this has been done so that we can remove the grace allowance for you. If you fill up your account plus the grace allowance, then you must either upgrade your account, or give us details of files we can remove for you.

Mailbox limit exceeded

As a mailbox approaches it's full capacity, the server will sent automatic warning emails to the mailbox - usually at 80%, 90%, and 98% capacity. The mailbox quota includes all messages in all of your IMAP mail folders (inbox, sent, trash and any others you have created).

If you only use POP3 (which usually automatically removed messages from the server after downloading them), then it is likely your email software has been configured to leave a copy of your messages on the server. Over time this has caused the inbox to fill up with old mail.

If a mailbox reaches it's limit, then the server will defer the delivery of any further messages. Usually these messages will be stored by our email spam filtering system and then sent on once the over-quota condition has been removed. Either remove some messages from your mailbox or increase the email account quota.

Although it is possible to set the email account quote to unlimited - email accounts are included in your overall package limit - so it may be better to set a quota which ensures users remain within your plans disk space allowance.

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