How do I enable and disable SSH (Secure SHell) access?

We do allow limited command line shell access via a caged environment. The SSH port for our servers is 722.

Please note our Amethyst plan does not include SSH access - all other plans do allow you to enable/disable SSH yourself.
For reseller users you simply need to login to your Krystal Client Area and raise a ticket, and we can enable SSH for you!

For shared hosting or premium users you can enable SSH via your Krystal Client Area by logging in, then selecting the Hosting option.

Next select click Manage on the account for which you wish to enable SSH.

Then click SSH from the left column menu.

Then finally click the green 'Got it' button to enable SSH - please note the warning and disable SSH once you've finished using it.

You do not need full shell access in order to use SFTP. SFTP is available to everyone by default.

Disabling SSH

Re-visit Hosting > Manage > SSH and you'll be presented with a Disable button - simply press it and SSH will be disabled.

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